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Are you a pervert? "Your photos are only for perverted men", somebody once said to me. In the last poll we could already verify that indeed most of my visitors are male. Now let's find out about the other part! 

1,402 deviants said No, not me.
1,264 deviants said Yes, I'm a pervert.
Finally I found out the reason behind the “gender confusion” from my last journal entry and it’s embarrassing for me. Here it is: As I know now the graphics I showed you from my Google Analytics page was not a depiction of the actual results but only an example of how such a depiction might look like IF I were to make the right adjustment to my code so Google could actually track this.

I guess this shows that I’m too dumb to read the fine print. In my defense I can only say I was misled by the fact that they showed the graph in my “Reporting” section mixed with the actual results. My mistake was to not read to the bottom of the page where they clearly say “your Analytics tracking code does not include the necessary support to show them.” (But they still show a green check-mark next to it, see screenshot)
But reading through your comments was interesting anyway although I can’t answer all of them. A lot of people were wondering how many of the visitors answered the poll on dA. It was only 0.02% (I had 190’000 visitors in this period). This basically means that we were comparing a result that wasn't a result to a result that was highly unrepresentative. Very smart.
Of course I now tried the “Validate tracking code”-link you can see on the screenshot but so far without success. Even tough I still did not learn about the sex ratio of my visitors, I did learn something: “The man who doesn’t read has no advantage over the man who can’t read.” (Mark Twain)



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Kakilian Featured By Owner 11 minutes ago
You're just a great photographer. That's it.

No matter the subject, and that is all that should count.

Courage !
sirenabonita Featured By Owner 3 days ago
hi Stefan

used a photo from your "Fair Trade Nudes" website this time

Mermaid Stefanie by sirenabonita

thanks for your permission once again
Marshall-Arts Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd love to shoot every last one of your models.  You did great works with them!

--Mr. Pervert
Trench-ADF Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member
I think it is fair to say that photography is the natural progression to oils, and art is inspired by beauty. Photographers are not exclusively male and people are designed to attract mates, as are all creatures.

Anyone have any problem with that? Okay go take your complaints to the design lab, its run by a woman called mother nature.  
Rob22roberts Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member
I am truly not here for perverted reasons. I am a male, we are visual creatures. Women, you know this... you dress to catch our eye. We look. (You hope) at your best features, then we discover your mind and soul. And that's why we stay or move on. I am attracted to a woman, I want to approach her, talk about the weather - no not really. I want to see you, smell you, feel you, then understand your needs, your thoughts, your "Dreams"  
Saaally Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
thanks a lot for helping portray women as sex blow-up dolls and nothing more AND feed the ridiculous beauty standards only to make women feel insecure about themselves and die more in surgeries and eating disorders. but hey, can't have sad boners around can we?

signed, a non-jealous woman who shares the body type of your models but who cares too much about social responsibility.

I'm sorry for being invasive, i know it sucks. i'm done so don't worry.
stefangrosjean Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I'm actually happy to hear you're not taking the women portrayed in my photos as role models. They are not meant to be. I'm not a 100% sure what they are meant to be but I guess I like to glorify the sexual power of women. I do a certain style but I'm not saying: "here, everbody have a look at this! That's how every woman should be like!"
So, what should a woman be like? Why not like you? Okay! Everbody have a look at Saaally. She's artistic, she's talented, she does both traditional and digital art, she has a beautiful gallery with great artwork all done by herself. She has a good taste in music and movies, and most important: she can think for herself. She can be proud of herself.

You simply cannot conform to every ideal held by society, can you? It's very unhealthy. I think in todays world women AND men must learn to live with a lot of images who can build all sorts of pressure if you take them too seriously. In the media I see everyday how a tennis player is everbodies darling, he's younger than I am and I will never be as successfull with anything I do in my whole life. I can't compare myself to him. To be honest I don't need to. I'm living a happy life outside the ridiculous standards of society. I'm glad to hear you do too.
Saaally Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Dude. first of, thank you very much for not being upset and taking the criticism, great attitude and i hope you weren't being sarcastic when you said "Why not like you? Okay! Everbody have a look at Saaally" [don't think you were so thanks (:] 

I urge you to read to the end of my reply, i'm sending you a picture.

 i seriously do not understand why you do what you do, and honestly i would like to.  

you said: " I guess I like to glorify the sexual power of women. I do a certain style but I'm not saying: "here, everbody have a look at this! That's how every woman should be like!" I do not understand this. you are, actually, telling everyone that that is how women should be. if you understand the pressure in people to be a certain way because of images such as yours, WHY do you do it? is it for popularity? is it because you get to fuck the models?

you cannot simply tell people "hey these are REALLY hot women, but hey everybody who's not like this, don't take it seriously, there are totally other kinds of women who i REFUSE to use for my photography because they're totally not nearly as hot but hey, you deal with your own insecurities ok?" this is just an impossible request

yes they don't affect me at all but they affect an AWFUL lot of people, understandably so, i had friends with eating disorders who almost died, others who hated their boobs because they're not fake, i'm sure you are somewhat in denial but you should KNOW what you contribute to is EXTREMELY harmful, not only by fucking up people's self-image and self-esteem but by also objectifying women. really harmful ): 

your pictures are not glorifying women's sexuality, they are simply feeding men's extremely unhealthy perceptions of what is sexy. women in uncomfortable poses, seemingly not having fun, that's not female sexuality. that's not even the damn surface of it, sexuality is far too amazing to fit in superficial, fake-looking pictures.

and please, PLEASE explain to me why you MUST use pretty much exclusively women with fake huge boobs. that is OFFENDING. seriously offending. you already objectify a whole gender and reduce women to tits and asses and pussy and a bored look, WHY IN THE WORLD do you also must only use fake boobed women? these don't ever resemble real people for christ's sake, what has pornography done to you?? here is a picture of me with my natural boobs:…
is this so unbelievably unappealing that you need to use weird fake boobs in your pictures 99% of times? what in the world is wrong with natural boobs, please tell me, i want to know. 
stefangrosjean Featured By Owner 4 days ago
hey, thanks for replying. did you really count all my 1'000+ photos or how did you come up with 99%? Since I don't have the time to count all of it, I just looked at my top ten most popular photos (by dA statistics) and there are only 20% with implants (nr. 8 and nr. 10). My favorite model is Mia (see my avatar) and she's a 100% natural. Lately I had more models booked with implants but that's also a bit of a coincidence. But let me be clear: I don't have anything against natural boobs. I also don't have anything against implants. Yes, there are beautiful women with natural boobs and there are beautiful women with implants. If a women asks for my advice I generally don't encourage plastic surgery simply because a lot of people will reject you for not being "natural". Who knew.

If you really took the time to study my photos and read my writings you would already know that I never have sex with any of my models. I've written about this in my journal. I'm not a playboy and I'm not a womanizer. I'm a broken-hearted guy who loves women a little bit too much for his own good (so my friends keep telling me).

Do you ever hear people complaining about all the violence in the media? You can look at the data, over the last century the violence in the media only went up. We have more killing and blood spilling than ever before - at least in the media. But what about the real world? Surprisingly the violence in western societies is at an all time low! (see for example Steven Pinker's talk on this :…

Why did I tell you this story? Maybe there's something similar going on with sex in the media. I honestly believe if men are not forced to surpress their (sometimes) wierd sexual fantasies they become better lovers and more responsible fathers. I'm not saying women should try to fullfill every sexual fantasy of their men, but maybe they should accept that men have those fantasies and it doesn't mean they are evil. Blaming men for eating disorders can also be harmful. You do realize that you're reducing men to sexual subjects with unhealthy preferences, right? Not all men are like that, not even me.

BTW: I loved the photo you sent me. You probably don't want to hear this from a guy like me but I think it's very natural (obviously not just your boobs, also your pose and the whole setting) and it's very sexy - and I mean that as a compliment. I believe there are enough people who will think your photo is more erotic than what I do. I'm sure men would pay just to have the opportunity to look at you naked and to enjoy the effect it has on their body and mind. To engage in such activites can look perverted from the outside - but it can be beautiful and transforming from the inside.

Women often lack a loving perspective on their bodies and they blame men for it, but if a man tells a woman how beautiful she is in his eyes, he risks being called a pervert. So in contradiction of what you read into my photos, my advice is: If you want to please a man, rely on what you are born with. You already have everything.
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Ariana-Aerith Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Student General Artist
you photos are an amazing reference to me, thx :)
I will give the credits for everything
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