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Which version of "Belle Epoque" do you like better? (click thumbnail to enlarge) 

2,224 deviants said Belle Epoque (Version I) by stefangrosjean
2,024 deviants said Belle Epoque (Version II) by stefangrosjean

Devious Comments

mistress-of-fire Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The one looking straight
The first. It feels more genuinely lovely and less haughty. :)
mpg13artworks Dec 9, 2012  Professional Photographer
The first one. Mostly due to the models eye contact with herself. I feel it draws the "viewer" in, and gives a bit more "feeling" to the shot.
Though I do love them both. ;)
So similar, yet so very different... it's hard to compare the 2 because they both feel so very different. It's like a "before and after" shoot. The first image is calm, contemplative.... she's thinking about what she wants, what she feels. In the second image she knows what she wants. She knows exactly what she wants, and how she's going to get it.

There's a beauty in the first image, but there's an intensity in the second.
gkunwar Dec 2, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
can't compare... both are stunningly awesome...
finally the first one...
I've been looking at these for a while and Version I seems "off" to me and I finally think I know why. If you look at the shape of the model's head from the back it's the same in both versions. But the shape should change if the model tilted her head back and to the side. Are these composite images? Or am I seeing things that aren't there? Both images are excellent quality regardless of the methods used to create them.
Figit090 Dec 1, 2012  Professional Photographer
nevermind I didn't realize it switches the winner to the top after voting...i did vote for version one like I should have.
Figit090 Dec 1, 2012  Professional Photographer
i voted backward by accident i think, but I like version one more because the lighting is a bit more attractive, as is her expression. It invokes more desire in the feel of the image, and is less "I'm staring at myself in the mirror intently" like version two has.

Nice work
scopolamin Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I like the No 1 more by the "shape" .. but still choose No 2 because her sensual face ... would be great to combine shape 1 with the face from 2
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